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Etihad 777-200LR in its Last Days

When Boeing developed its updates to the base versions of the 777, it came up with the higher capacity long range 300ER and a lower capacity but ultra long range version, the 200LR.  The 300ER sold very well but the 200LR was more of a niche product and, while it sold, it never went in the same numbers as its larger sibling.  Etihad was one of the customers but they have now decided they have no further use for the type and it is being retired.  I was glad to catch one at LAX in the days running up to their retirement.

Going Further Gets You There Quicker

The title of this post is a pretty weak premise for the pictures I am posting.  The pictures are of Air India Boeing 777-200LRs.  In the pictures, they are not doing anything special.  However, I shall justify the pictures with a slightly interesting fact.  Air India has been serving SFO for a while.  It is a long flight from Delhi to San Francisco and they were looking in to alternative routes.  A lot of negotiation ensued that finally allowed a polar route to be used.  This route is nearly 1,000nm longer than the route that they were previously flying.  However, the prevailing winds on the longer route are helping the jet along.  The result is that the longer route is actually two hours quicker.  Strange but true.