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The Latest FedEx 767 On Test

I wasn’t close to the FedEx 767 as it came in and shot a missed approach but the low sun angle on the underside of the jet looked quite nice.  The crew flew a tight pattern back to make their approach and landing.  They did run reasonably long so I got to see them as they turned off the head back to the ramp.  They were going to take an earlier exit but something was in the way so I got a bit lucky.

Tampa Prime Freighters

I had a short wait at Tampa for a flight home after a work trip.  The gate I was waiting at did not have a lot of traffic nearby.  Indeed, judging by the total lack of lines at security, maybe none of the gates at Tampa have a lot of traffic!  The view from our gate was towards a cargo ramp and there were two 767 freighters loading up.  They both finished loading and taxied off while I was there.  One was in Amazon Prime colors but the other was unmarked.  However, a quick search tells me it is also a Prime jet but I guess they haven’t got around to painting it yet.

Another FedEx Test Flight

Our visit to the Boeing Factory Tour at Everett with our visitors not only included the escapees from the hurricane that I covered here but also included the ongoing production test flying activities.  The 767 line is only producing freighters and tankers these days and the majority of the freighters have been going to FedEx.  This one undertook a test flight while we were there.  We saw it head out and, when it returned, it flew a missed approach before landing.