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Long Time Since I Shot an MD-11 Touchdown

MD-11 freighters are still a big part of the UPS fleet.  In visits to Boeing Field before I lived up here, I got to see them quite often.  For some reason, my more recent visits have not included many MD-11s.  However, one nice evening with pleasant light, a UPS MD-11 was due in.  They were on a northerly flow so a touchdown shot was not a problem.  The bigger issue is that the 100-400 is fine for most of the sequence but, at the closest point, it is a bit too much lens.  Still, nice to get one of these again.  No idea what the long term plan is for UPS and the MD-11 but I hope they hang around for a bit.

FedEx and Mt Rainier

No great story with this one.  I was at SeaTac for a different arrival on the outer runway.  A FedEx MD-11F was making an approach to the inner runway while I was waiting.  It provides a good alignment with Mt Rainier in the background so I figured it was a shot worth taking and I was pleased with how it turned out.  Given how little I have photographed recently, a shot like this from before everything got locked down suddenly seemed like something to share!