Oakland Has a Thin Building Too

B11I1835.jpgNew York has many iconic buildings.  One of the more famous buildings is the Flatiron Building.  At the narrow intersection of two streets, it makes use of the space available.  New York is not alone in having such intersections so it is not alone with buildings to fill the (limited) available space.  Oakland has a similar spot where Telegraph splits off from Broadway.  The building that sits there is so thin it is actually quite hard to show that it is a building rather than just a tower!

B11I1837.jpgThe city has just gone through a rebuild program to create a public space in front of the building and the area is now more accessible than it used to be.  From the statue in front the sides of the building can disappear, so thin it is.  At the moment the first floor of the building is vacant and available for lease.  I did find myself wondering what I could do with such a space but it does look pretty impractical.  I imagine that is why it is still empty.

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