Lots of Little Birds Hang Out Together

AE7I7362.jpgThe marshes are usually good places for bird watching.  As I was walking along the shore in Hayward, I passed a few people that were there to watch the birds.  Some serious spotting scopes on tripods were a clear indication that these people meant business.  Whenever they were set up somewhere, I figured I should take a look in case it was something unusual.  Of course, finding out if it is something special does require you to have a clue about birds.  I don’t so I didn’t know what I was looking at.

B11I1855.jpgDespite that, I could still see that there were lots of birds.  Many of them were hanging out on the mud flats that were just above the water level.  I don’t know much about bird behavior either so whether this is a good place to feed or just somewhere to wait for the good feeding times is anyone’s guess.  I just liked to see how many of them were together.  Maybe there is safety in numbers for them – particularly the ones that are pretty tiny.  I imagine they could be vulnerable to predators if they were on their own.

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