Dreamlifter Shape Explored

Since the Dreamlifters are a regular feature around this part of the world, catching a movement is not a big deal.  That gives you a chance to think about shooting the planes in a different way.  I have been interested in the shape of the structure and the texture it has.  Since the Dreamlifters have been built to serve one purpose – that of moving bits of the 787s around the world – they are functional rather than elegant.  The shape is designed to maximize the capacity.

Meanwhile, the modifications have been made to a base airframe so some of the joints between the new structure and the original are pretty agricultural.  The number of fasteners that are visible on the surface are substantial.  This is not a problem.  The plane serves a purpose and it does this well.  The way in which the fuselage shape transitions from the original 747 lines into the Dreamlifter lines are also very interesting.  A tighter shot gives you a good view of how the curves come together.

The Dreamlifter is not a beauty.  I don’t even think it is as good looking as the Belugas that Airbus uses which have a more integrated feel to their design.  However, it does the job well and it is nice to have a different shape in an era when every airliner is looking like every other.  A bit of variety is a welcome thing and, while I am lucky to be close to them on a regular basis, I shall continue to appreciate what I get to see.

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