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Sunset Over the Central Valley

B11I7218.jpgWhile out shooting the aircraft in the evening at Eagle Field, I also got to enjoy quite a nice sunset.  The sky was turning a variety of lovely colors and, once the sun had dropped below the horizon, things really did light up nicely.  Whether focusing in on a distinct part of the sky or going for the wider scene, it was a nice place to be for a while.


Some Nice Evening Light on the Planes

B11I7215.jpgDuring the evening of the Eagle Field fly-in, there was a dinner held in the hangar.  I took the time to wander around outside as it had become a lot quieter and the chances to shoot the aircraft had improved.  As the sun went down, things got considerably better and the evening light was lovely.  Not all aircraft were well oriented to take advantage of it but there was still plenty of scope.


This Harpoon is Not the One We Flew In!

B11I7318.jpgOne of our party on the trip to Eagle Field commented on whether it was a rule that all airfields have a derelict Harpoon parked on them.  While we had traveled down in a pristine example, parked a short distance away from us was a Harpoon that was not in the greatest of shape.  Most of it seemed to be there but some bits had gone.  The effect was to expose the aircraft and make it look more like a skeleton of a plane.  When the light angles were nice and low, the texture on the plane was really nicely picked out too.  I have no idea what the future holds for this plane but I doubt it is going anywhere in a hurry.

B11I7319.jpg B11I7307.jpg

An Exotic Collection of Cars

B11I7246.jpgThe dinner at Eagle Field was held in the large hangar.  Not only does this accommodate planes but it also seems to be the home to a lot of cars.  Jaguars of a variety of vintages were kept there in various states of repair.  Out the back were even more cars.  These were not usually looking too healthy but there were some things I have not seen before.  Whether it was an old Renault or and Armstrong Siddeley, they were there gathering valley dust and withering slowly under the harsh sunlight that this area has a lot of!

Eagle Field Fly-In

AE7I7531.jpgMy trip in the Harpoon was to get to the fly-in at Eagle Field.  This is an event that I previously didn’t know anything about so I went with few preconceptions.  As it turned out, this year was not the most well attended that they have had.  A selection of aircraft showed up for the event but not as many as hoped for.  A few T-6s were there along with a C-54, some Navions, an Interstate Kadet and us.  Some less exotic types were also there such as Pipers and Cessnas.  There was also quite a gathering of military vehicles.  These are not something that I know a lot about.  During the day some reenactors also carried out some firefight demonstrations.

B11I7095.jpgThe following morning, the visitors headed back out.  We were one of the last to go so got to watch the other aircraft start up, taxi out and take off.  Most put in at least one pass before they headed home.