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Still Some Convairs Around

Each evening sees a selection of Convairs making their arrivals at YVR.  The freight location is on the south side of the field so they usually come in on the south runway.  No good for where I was shooting from.  However, one of them made its arrival on the north side.  No idea why this was done but I’m certainly not complaining.  With the Honeywell Convair now retired, my chances of seeing flying examples are going to be pretty limited.

My Convair Up Close

The Convair CV580 has shown up in a couple of posts at least so far.  Getting to Everett early one morning prior to heading to Whidbey Island, it was a pleasant surprise to see it out on the ramp.  It was even nicer to see the door was open.  Before too long the giant square blades of the props started to turn and they were heading off.  They did turn the opposite way to what I was hoping for when they taxied but nothing to sniff at.  We decided to see whether we could get to the end of the field before they did but they must have taxied smartly and got a quick take off clearance because they were up and away as we drove towards to the runway.  Still, a nice start to the day.