P-8 Heads Out on Test

Every once in a while, you just get lucky.  I happened to be at Boeing Field on a sunny day with operations in a southerly direction and a bunch of cool traffic.  Most of the traffic shows up on Flightaware so you have a clue it might be flying but my recent experiences have been that the P-8 test flights have not been listed.  Consequently, I was a little surprised when a P-8 pulled out of Boeing’s military operations ramp and taxied for departure.  It came right past me as it made its way to the departure end.  A short while later it rolled.

The sun was out, the light was nice, they rotated at a good location to get some nice shots and then, as they climbed out, the clouds were really nice providing a mottled sort of background.  The colors looked great behind the grey jet.  What a great combination!

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