Cal Bears Travel In Style

B11I6530.jpgThe college football season included a special game at the beginning of the season.  The game was scheduled to take place in Sydney Australia rather than the US.  Apparently, the NCAA is trying to increase interest in the sport in other countries and hosting a game in Australia was part of the plan.  One of the teams was the Cal Bears.  To get to Australia and back they chartered a jet for the team and support personnel.  Given the number of people involved, it was cheaper than flying commercially.

B11I6619.jpgThey chartered a jet from Virgin Australia in each direction.  The outbound leg was a jet that had made the LAX flight.  Instead of flying the return, it positioned to SFO for the outbound flight.  They then repeated the process in reverse after the game.  I missed the departure rotation but I was there for the return journey.  I may have shot Virgin Australia jets before but this was a bit different since they don’t normally appear at SFO.  (Cal also has a sponsorship deal with Oakland so this was out of the way for them too!)


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