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Ferries in the Mist

The misty mornings at Orcas were not only pretty atmospheric to wake up to but they also could make for interesting shots of the ferries.  As the banks of fog rolled in and out, the boats could disappear and reappear.  As they backed out and spun around, they could be right on the edge of disappearing.  Since we were facing south, the whole scene was backlit which made it look even more interesting.

Mist Over The Water at Orcas

First thing in the morning on Orcas Island made from some beautiful conditions.  We were staying in a place looking out over the water towards Shaw Island but, in the morning, we got some low fog and mist that could obscure our neighbor so close by.  As the sun came up, the fog would burn off and then roll back in.  It was a constantly changing view with the land and smaller islands appearing and disappearing frequently.  You could sit and watch it for ages.  Best done from inside the house, though, since it was rather chilly.

Winter Light on the Ferries

I spent some time early one morning waiting for the return of a warship as covered in this post.  It was dark and rainy when I first got there but then the sun snuck under the clouds and the result was some very pleasing light.  I was down in Mukilteo which is the departure point for the ferry to Whidbey Island.  They leave every half hour and I was able to get a few departures while I waited and after the ship has passed through.  The white superstructure of the ferries glowed in the morning light with the dark background of the island behind them.

Frosted Trees Along the River

While I didn’t get the shots of the trees over the pass on Vancouver Island and I did get some shots from Port Alberni, I did pull off the road as we descended to take some shots across a valley that we were passing through.  The local fire station was on a small rise which gave an elevated view of the valley that was still covered in frost.  Plenty of farm structures provided a bit of interest to the shot.  The wider shot was nice but the power lines which are, no doubt, very useful to the residents were a bit more annoying to the photographer.  I wonder which is more important…

Early Morning Over the East Bay

When flying to the east coast, the combination of flight time and time zone changes means that an early start is a good idea.  My flight took off from Oakland just after the sun came up so the view across the east bay was one full of warm morning light and long shadows with the occasional scattered cloud or fog bank.  It looked really cool.  I was only shooting with my phone (although sometimes this is actually better since the small lens can fit between the distortion of the average airliner window) but you could still get a good idea of interesting variation in light that the hills get that early in the morning.  The lakes scattered throughout the hills also would reflect dramatically at that time of day so it all looked rather appealing.  There is something slightly ironic about seeing everything look so nice when you are leaving!

Davis Station

wpid9317-IMG_1841.jpgEarly one morning I found myself in Davis CA meeting a colleague to head to a meeting. I picked him up at the station and arrived a few minutes ahead of time. Davis has a cool station building. I didn’t know anything about it so hadn’t come prepared. The trusty iPhone was all I had with me so here is an iPhone shot of the station in the early light.