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Howard 500 at Nut Tree

wpid12763-AU0E3215.jpgJust a quick post today. I have been to Nut Tree Airport a few times. There is an old Howard 500 parked up at one side of the field. I had never taken a picture of it since it was a bit out of the way. For some reason, I completely forgot about it when they had the Mustangs Day when it would have been easy to wander over and get a shot. I forgot! So, when in Vacaville recently for something else, I popped across briefly to get a couple of shots over the fence. Just something to prove to myself that I had seen it!


Mustangs Day

wpid11915-AU0E8990.jpgAnother day out took me to Vacaville to visit Nut Tree Airport for their Mustangs Day. While I wasn’t planning this as a feature for Global Aviation Resource, I did end up putting together a BloGAR piece for the site about the day out. A slightly less formal write up which is more about my day than the event. If you want to check it out, the link is below.


wpid11921-C59F8876.jpgIf you don’t check that out (please do though), here is a smaller sample of the aircraft that were around that day. I was getting a little silly playing with very slow shutter speeds so some things did not come out as planned but it was fun all the same.