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Sabreliner Testbed

The Sabreliner is a neat little jet under normal circumstances, combining as it does the wing of the Sabre with a fuselage for passengers.  This example, that now lives in the Evergreen Aerospace Museum in McMinnville Oregon, is even better because it is a testbed.  The nose has a new radome grafted into place to allow the testing of different radar.  Meanwhile, pods can be mounted under the wings to test a variety of different sensors and electronics.  Some of these different configurations are displayed alongside the airframe.  Good to know that after years of specialized service, the aircraft will survive in the indoor comfort of the museum.

I Never Expected a Sabreliner

B11I0878.jpgCorporate jets show up at SFO on a regular basis.  They will be the usual Gulfstreams or Bombardier jets.  However, every once in a while something really unusual will show up.  I would love to say that it was part of my planning that this worked out but I was very lucky.  I saw on Flightaware that something unusual was coming but I didn’t recognize what it was.  I am glad I didn’t because the surprise was more fun.  A Sabreliner showed up.  I didn’t realize anyone was still flying them.  Great stuff.