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Omni 767 Touchdown

I’ve posted shots of Omni’s 767s on the ground and on the approach at Boeing Field as well as showing up at Paine Field.  This is a variation on a theme I guess since this one was arriving at Boeing Field after a short flight from SeaTac.  This time I was up on the hill so was able to see it touch down from an elevated position.  It’s nice to get wide body activity when up on the hill since you are a bit far away and a bigger jet is a clearer subject to photograph.

Omni 767 Finds a Gap in the Clouds

For the second time this year, I was at Paine Field when an Omni Air International 767 showed up.  I wrote about the first time in this post.  On this occasion, it arrived in some quite blustery conditions but, as it was on final approach, a gap in the clouds opened up and provided some lovely light on the airframe while leaving the background dark and cloudy.  It makes for a far more interesting shot that would otherwise be the case on a day like that.

Omni 767 Visits ATS

The Omni Air International 767s are a regular feature at Boeing Field.  I have even blogged about them recently when I caught one actually flying as opposed to the usual being parked up near the Kenmore ramp.  However, I have not seen one up at Paine Field before.  Having one arrive while up there at the weekend was a bit of a surprise.  I believe that it was heading to ATS for some maintenance work.  I guess it was a bit if an unusual thing for the crew too since, once they had run all the way to the far end of the runway, they seemed to struggle a bit with where they were supposed to go next.  They worked it out eventually, though.