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Union Pacific’s Falcon 2000

Union Pacific is one of the large freight railroads in the US.  Their fleet of locomotives is commonly seen across the US west of Chicago.  They are painted yellow and carry a large American flag on the side.  However, trains are not the only way that staff of UP get around.  They also own a Dassault Falcon 2000 and I saw it come in to Boeing Field.  While it isn’t painted like a loco, it certainly shares a few design cues with them and it looks a bit more interesting than the average all white scheme.

Falcon Go Around

C59F4138.jpgThe smoothness with which air traffic is usually managed means that, whenever something doesn’t go to plan, it is quite a surprise. A go around on approach is a relatively rare occurrence. I have only been on three commercial flights that spring to mind when a go around was executed. I saw a couple at SFO last year on one day but that was when two of the runways were shut and they were squeezing as much as they could in making the chance of a conflict higher.

C59F4262.jpgI was watching arrivals to Chicago Midway when I saw a Falcon 2000 on approach. As they got closer, they obviously got the call and the aircraft pitched up and applied power to climb away. It made for an unusual angle at which to see the plane as it banked away on to the missed approach procedure. It obviously was not a complicated procedure because they showed up again shortly afterwards. They were then followed by a similar Falcon 2000 and it was only later, when I was going through the pictures, that I worked out which one was the jet that had made the go around.