Sunset Above the Clouds

wpid6299-AU0E2512.jpgAs the spring moves closer to summer, the view on my flights home changes.  The timing is not any different but I get further east before the sun gives up and disappears.  Arriving in the light is not far off now but I am still getting to experience the sunset while airborne.  Sometimes it doesn’t appear to be very interesting.  I guess this is a function of where the clouds are relative to us.  However, one recent trip included a very nice looking sky.  Looking back across the wing, I could just make out the sun going down.

wpid6293-AU0E2505.jpgThe light on the top of the clouds looks particularly nice from above.  Sadly it is one of those events where I am disappointed that the image can’t replicate exactly how it felt to be looking out.  However, maybe it will give you a small example of how it looked or, if you have seen the same thing yourself, remind you of how nice it looks.

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