Scott’s Clipper

B11I7748.jpgThe trip to photograph Eric’s Clipper that I described here included a bonus (as if the flight wasn’t bonus enough).  Eric had talked to another Clipper owner, Scott, and he had brought his plane across to Sonoma.  Scott is not a formation pilot but Eric landed after the shoot with his plane and jumped in to Scott’s plane with Scott in the second seat.  We orbited overhead until they joined up and then we got a bunch of additional shots.

AE7I9262.jpgSince it was a bit later in the day, the light had got a bit better.  The colors of Scott’s plane were particularly receptive to the evening light and, while it was a totally stock aircraft and therefore not possible to get too vertical with (see the roof mods in Eric’s plane in the other post), we could still get some great shots.  Thanks Dave and Eric (and Scott for bringing your plane).

B11I7575.jpg AE7I9284.jpg

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