Other SeaTac Stuff

wpid6819-AU0E2513.jpgThe SeaTac shooting had a number of specific things that I have already covered.  However, since it is an airport that serves a lot of destinations and carriers, it has a bunch of other things worth seeing.  Long haul operators include Delta (serving a lot of routes that were once Northwest), British Airways and Icelandair.  I have always seen the Icelandair aircraft on the ground when traveling through SeaTac but they seem to have a schedule that means one arrives at around the same time the previous day’s arrival departs.  Not a very efficient use of the airframe but I guess it works for them.

wpid6817-AU0E2328.jpgThe domestic carriers were also there with Alaska making up the majority of the movements – at least in the time windows I had.wpid6821-AU0E2787.jpg


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