New Southwest Jets

wpid11208-AU0E0841.jpgSouthwest Airlines recently unveiled their new livery for their fleet.  The scheme was first put on one of their newest 737-800 jets which also includes the new scimitar winglet configuration from APB.  I was curious when I might get to see one for real.  I knew of two jets that were out in the wild with the original names Heart One and Heart Two.  While I was interested to get a shot of one of them, I figured it wouldn’t be too long before there were tons of them around and it wouldn’t be a big deal so I didn’t go out of my way to see one.

wpid11212-AU0E0871.jpgThen, they came to me – well, almost.  I was taking a trip last week that took me through Denver in both directions.  I arrived at DIA on the outbound portion of my leg and there on the gate across from my next flight was Heart One.  Shooting through airport glass isn’t great but it would do.  I just had to wait until the servicing vehicles were done and then I could get a shot.

wpid11210-AU0E0855.jpgA day later I was coming back through DIA late in the evening.  I get to my gate and there is my jet for the next sector.  It is Heart Two.  It was dark, the jet was mainly obscured by the jet-bridge and I didn’t think it worth much effort so an iPhone shot is all there is to show for it but I ended up with both of them in two days without any planning on my part.



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