Max Development and Production Jets

Boeing has completed flight testing of the first version of the 737 Max family, the Max 8.  The Max 9 is currently in flight test and I posted shots of one of those aircraft here.  While some additional flight testing will be carried out on the Max 8, the test fleet is now done.  In due course, these aircraft will be refurbished and sold on to customers.  In the meantime, new production jets are being built for delivery – except when it comes to Southwest.

As a result of a crewing issue, Southwest is delaying taking its jets until they have removed the 737-300 fleet from service.  Consequently, Boeing is building them but not delivering them.  There are a number parked up in the parking lot at Boeing Field and some are still sitting at Renton.  Engines aren’t fitted since this is one way to keep the cost down pending delivery.  They will be fitted and flown nearer the delivery date.

The flight line of these dormant Max 8s sits alongside the municipal part of the airport.  I created a panorama of the jets which you can zoom and pan around below.

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