Walking Through the Treetops

Aside from the suspension bridge at Capilano, there is a treetop walk.  This is on the opposite side of the bridge and is an interesting attraction.  They have built a number of walkways that run through the treetops.  These are old growth trees that are really substantial.  Without cutting in to the trees, they have mounted platforms around the trunks and strung walkways between them.  You get to walk along these walkways from tree to tree.

You are up in the higher parts off the tree so you have a different perspective to that which you would normally get walking along the ground.  Indeed, you can get so used to being up there that you forget you are off the ground.  Every once in a while, it is a good idea to look down to see just how far you are from the base of some of the trees.

There are so many people up there with you that it is easy to become a bit fixated on keeping going.  The walkways are one way so you are all moving along in the same direction.  You can start following the person in front and lose perspective on where you are.  However, at each tree there is space to step aside and let people pass.  Then you can take a moment to look around and embrace your surroundings.  I highly recommend you do this if you visit.  Look up and look down and see exactly where you are – up with the squirrels in the treetops.


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