Late Gear Down for FedEx

AE7I7328.jpgOakland is a big hub for FedEx and they have a lot of aircraft movements through the airport on a normal day.  While its use in passenger service is pretty much done, the MD-11 is still a regular on the freight circuit and FedEx is by far the largest operator.  When walking along the shore in Hayward, I saw a couple of MD-11s come in.  Normally, the jets are configured for landing by the time they come over you in Hayward.  However, one MD-11 seemed to be coming in with a little more urgency.  As it approached me, it had flaps deployed but no gear.  Then, as it came over, the gear started to travel.  There is a reasonable distance to go to the airport so I am not suggesting that the approach was not stabilized at the right time but it was a little late.


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