Chasing the MD-11

wpid8830-C59F5718.jpgI mentioned in a previous post that one of the few remaining passenger operators of MD-11s is KLM and they are currently bringing the jet into SFO on alternating days.  I had previously missed it because the day I was there was the day that the A330 was running the service.  I wanted to make an effort to see the jet since you never know how long it will be before the opportunity is gone.  The draw-down of the fleet is underway but they can change routes with little warning.  Therefore, I decided to make the trip.

wpid8826-C59F5231.jpgThis time it was a quick visit.  We were heading over to the peninsula for other reasons so I persuaded Nancy to allow me to make the diversion.  Since tracking flights is now so easy, there was little element of chance in this.  We knew when the jet was coming so I didn’t need to make her wait long.

wpid8832-C59F5761.jpgSure enough, the MD-11 came into view overhead as it made the pass before coming onto the approach.  There was some limited visibility out on the bay but the light was fine for the landing shot and I was happy with the result.  I got a few other shots while I was waiting and then it was back to our previously arranged schedule.  Glad to have shot this aircraft before the opportunity finally disappears.  At least FedEx will keep using them for a while to come.


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