Biz Jets Too!

wpid6191-AU0E1129.jpgI am always partial to a corporate jet or two.  Since Boeing Field is closer to downtown Seattle, it is a popular base of operations.  There are a couple of FBOs on the field and a few movements took place while I was there.  While the end of the line has come for the Hawker business jet as far as production is concerned, there are a huge number of them in service so seeing them will be common for many years to come.  A nice Canadian example came in while I was there.

wpid6276-AU0E2290.jpgA departing Falcon 2000 was another nice one to see.  Falcons are a very popular line and the 2000 looks okay to me but as it takes off over you, I think you get the best angle on it.  There were a selection of jets departing as well.  Heat haze was a small problem but not terrible and, for web sized images, it doesn’t cause too much trouble.

wpid6198-AU0E1266.jpgA Learjet came in while the sun was out but the sky in the background was a touch more moody.  That certainly made me happy as it makes for a more interesting shot.  It was a brief visit but still resulted in a fair bit of interest so I would happily stop back again.


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