Two Seat Scooter

The A-4 Skyhawk is a great little jet and I really miss seeing the Warbird Heritage Foundation’s Scooter on a regular basis.  I haven’t seen others fly for quite a while, despite one being based on Boeing Field.  I had intended to go to a show at Tacoma Narrows to see it but the weather was bad so I didn’t bother.  This one had taxied out at Olympia last year and then scrubbed.  However, it was scheduled for Skyfair this year so I was hoping to finally have some success.

Indeed I did.  Not only did I see it fly at Skyfair but I was lucky enough to be at Paine Field the evening before when it came in from Boeing Field.  It was fashionably late but this only improved the light so I wasn’t complaining.  The two-seater might not look quite as slick as the single but it is still a pretty neat jet.  The passes it gave at Skyfair were nice and close and, despite the harsh heat haze, I was pleased to see it up and about.

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