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Sun Angle Submerged Shooting

Normally, while you might be able to see things swimming around under the surface in the bay, you wouldn’t really bother getting any photos.  The surface reflections are too strong and the detail is not great anyway.  However, as the afternoon was wearing on and the sun angle was getting quite low, I was surprised how well it was illuminating things below the surface and, because I was looking slightly down sun, the surface became almost invisible.

A turtle was swimming around, very occasionally putting its head above the water but mainly staying submerged.  With the lighting as it was, I was able to get a very clear view of it so decided to take some shots.  The water is still taking a little of the detail out but it was far better than I was expecting and the warmer light still picked out some of the color in the turtle.

Turtles Fighting for Space

The pond in Point Defiance Park was busy with ducks everywhere but they weren’t the only occupants of the water.  There were quite a lot of turtles, particularly given how small the pond was.  There was one rock in the pond that appeared to be the best spot for a turtle.  It was fully occupied.  A couple of other turtles seemed to be interested in getting on but the inhabitants were not intent on sharing and they were “discouraged” from joining.

Turtles at Rest

The reef by our hotel was home to some green turtles.  They seemed to have developed a good schedule.  Morning was feeding time.  They would go out on the reef and spend their time nibbling away at the plant life growing on the rocks and coral.  By early afternoon they would have pulled themselves up onto the beach in an area the hotel had fenced off to keep people away.  There they would sleep all afternoon and into the night.  Come by during the afternoon and you could see them.  In the evening, lights on the beach would be switched on and you could still make them out a little way above the waterline.

No pictures from me of them in action.  I saw plenty of them while snorkeling on the reef and sometimes they would come and check me out.  You are meant to avoid disturbing them but when they come after you, it is hardly your fault.  However, I did kill my GoPro while out snorkeling so the photo opportunities were lost and will have to remain as memories.  Shots of them on the beach were a lot easier though so that is what we have here.