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Garter Snake

Strolling along a trail on Whidbey Island I saw a slight movement off to one side.  I stopped to see what it was and it took a moment to realize it was a snake.  I don’t know much about snake species but a conversation with someone later and a look online told us it was a garter snake.  It froze when I saw it so we had a standoff to see who would move first.  Gradually it moved around a bit until I could get the briefest of views of its head.  Having tried to get a picture of it, I left it in peace to do whatever it was doing.

Are You a Dragon or a Monitor?

Most people have probably heard of Komodo Dragons.  However, while checking out this fella at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, I read that they were known as Komodo Monitors for many years until some guy from the US saw one in the 20s and decided to start calling them dragons.  Amazingly, it seems it stuck.  They certainly don’t fit the traditional image of dragons but they are pretty dangerous if they happen to bite you.  At that point, I doubt you will be too bothered about the the distinction and more bothered about your potential impending death.

Little Lizard – Glad I Didn’t Stand on You

AE7I7305.jpgYou do need to watch where you are walking.  I was heading along a trail at Hayward Regional Park when I saw something move out of the corner of me eye.  Turns out it was a tiny little lizard.  Despite having nearly been squashed by me, he didn’t seem too perplexed.  I decided to get done on his level for some shots when he didn’t run away.  He still hung around.  I guess he liked having his photo taken.  I decided to leave him alone and continue with my walk.