Gathering of Cowboys

Quite a while back I posted some shots from the Fort Worth Stockyards.  In that post, I mentioned that there was a gathering of cowboys taking place but I have been a bit lax in following up with a post about that.  Many of the cowboys were dressed pretty much as you might imagine a cowboy would be.  A couple looked a little more unusual.  One guy was wandering around in a very large and heavy looking fur coat.  I don’t know what type of fur it was and I didn’t get a good shot of him because I didn’t want to look too obvious.

I may have lived in the US a long time but there are still plenty of things that catch me off guard.  Dressing as cowboys is one of them.  It is something that I don’t often think of as being a current thing.  It feels like people dressing up rather than dressing as they always do for their lifestyle.  It is no different to any other form of dress but it still catches me out.  I was once in Las Vegas for some meetings and the hotel I was staying in had a lot of people there for a large rodeo competition.  I was amazed by how similarly everyone was dressed.  That is what happens with many styles of clothing but it did seem strange to me at the time.  Anyway, here are some of the cowboys at their gathering.

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