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The Big House

My nephew’s graduation took place at Ann Arbor MI.  I had not been there before but the main graduation ceremony was held in the football stadium.  It might be able to hold 100,000 but on this day there were not so many.  We had more space to spread out than would be the case in a football game and behind the stage area was left empty. While we waited for things to “kick off”, I figured I would grab a panorama or two of the Big House.

The Raiders’ New Home

Across from McCarran airport is a construction site.  While plenty remains to be done, it is easy to see that this is the new home of the Oakland Raiders (not Oakland for much longer).  We drove right by it on the interstate but I had no way of photographing it then.  However, I did get a shot of the structure from the airport parking lot.  I wonder what it will look like when it is finished?  Can it be as impressive as the new stadium in LA?

Stadium Over the Water

This post was originally going to be based on a shot I got of the University of Washington’s football stadium that I took while were hiking in the park nearby.  However, things moved on a bit and I wasn’t too bothered by the shot.  Then, as I was coming home from a trip, I was sitting on the left side of the plane as we made our approach over Seattle.  I was looking straight down on the university campus and the stadium.  I figured this would be a more interesting view for a post so finally the topic makes its way on to the blog.

Stadium Construction Update

A previous post showed the start of construction of the new stadium in LA.  When I was on that trip, my arriving flight had passed right by the construction site but I didn’t have a camera to hand at the time.  I made another LA trip more recently and, this time, I had a camera at hand as we made our final approach.  Obviously the construction process has moved on a bit but there is still plenty to be done.  Maybe I will make some more trips and get further updates in the future.

Cotton Bowl

I have heard about the Cotton Bowl a lot over the years.  There are so many Bowl games these days that I kind of forgot that some of them are actually the names of stadiums.  I didn’t even know where it was.  Turns out it is Dallas and it is right by the approach to Love Field.  I happened to have the camera in hand as we came down final approach and got a few shots of the stadium and the surrounding facilities.  It looked a bit quieter on this day than is sometimes the case.

The Start of a New Stadium

NFL fans in a couple of cities are still mourning the loss of their teams to Los Angeles.  With the Rams and the Chargers both now based in LA, a new stadium is being built to accommodate them.  Meanwhile, they are playing in existing stadiums.  The new stadium, when it is finished, will be one of the most extravagant designs and will be used for other tasks including the future Olympics.  Right now, construction work is underway.  I saw the work site from my plane as I came in to LAX but didn’t have the camera to hand.  However, when flying above LAX in the helicopter, I was able to get some shots at a bit of a distance of the work in progress.

Aerial Views of Seattle

My brief trip to the UK was concluded by a flight back to Seattle from London.  I ended up in a seat on the right side of the plane and, as we came across the city, I had a good view of the downtown.  The seat was rather low compared to the window but LiveView came into its own and I could hold them camera above me pointing down and frame the shot using the rear screen.  Technology is a wonderful thing.  The Space Needle and the football and baseball stadiums both stand out from above.

View from the 24th Floor

I had a meeting in downtown Seattle that was on the 24th floor of an office block.  As a result of traffic being better than expected, I got there a little early so I had a little extra time which was spent waiting in the lobby for the meeting to start.  Their lobby had a large window view of the south end of the city looking towards the stadiums.  It would have been churlish to not get my phone out and to grab a quick picture and doubly churlish not to share it with you!

Camden Yards

I last saw Camden Yards over 20 years ago when I was living in Washington D.C.  At the time, the trend for developing baseball stadiums back in downtown areas was only just getting going.  Camden was a trendsetter.  Now, many cities have gone down the same route and baseball stadiums are in the cities whether it is the majors or the minors.  I was heading to get the train back to the airport at the end of my work visit and the route took me right through the middle of the complex.  A game was due later in the day and some visitors were already taking tours while the vendor staff were just getting ready to serve the crowds that would come later.  However, it was still nice and quiet as I passed through.  It was also going to be a warm day so I imagine that the vendors were going to have a busy day keeping everyone refreshed.

Avaya Stadium for a Pre-Season Game

I was down in San Jose and I ended up getting some lunch next to the Avaya Stadium.  This is the home of the San Jose Earthquakes, a Major League Soccer side.  They were having a pre-season game and a steady stream of people was showing up.  The stands didn’t look like they were filling up to much.  I don’t know whether the Quakes get a good attendance or not or whether being a pre-season game made a difference.  Either way, some of the fans up at the top of the stand were certainly making their presence felt.  I decided to shoot a pano sequence of the stadium for fun.  Blending it proved a little difficult because of the constant movement of vehicles and people in the foreground but most of the odd artifacts will probably not be too obvious.