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Kalitta/DHL 767

The Aloha Air Cargo 767 was the reason for me being out early one morning but it wasn’t the only freighter coming in.  (Indeed, this was the case for both of my efforts to get the Aloha jet.). Kalitta were also operating a 767 which is under contract to DHL.  Some of Kalitta’s jets are plain white so you wonder whether a given day will bring something in that has a bit of color to it or not.  On this occasion I was lucky.  It might not be the most dramatic of the DHL schemes but it is better than no color at all!

A DHL Delivery But to Them Rather Than By Them

A lot of freighters come out of Everett these days.  All 747s are now freighters as are the 767s.  The 777 passenger variants are a regular feature but there is quite a demand for 777Fs too.  I saw one go to DHL not long ago.  They have some aircraft already in service but they are in a hybrid scheme.  This was the first one to be delivered in the full DHL yellow colors.  It taxied out and went to the other end of the field for a northerly departure which meant we got a good view of it airborne.  The short delivery flight across the US meant it was rather light so it got airborne quickly and was a long way up by the time it got to us again!

DHL Freighters

AU0E4735.jpgDHL planes are hard to miss.  The bright yellow livery they carry is not one that you are going to miss easily.  They may not have the wide reach of FedEx or UPS in the US but Boeing Field is a regular stop for them.  The 767 is one of their staples, much as it is for all express carriers.  They also make use of the 757 which pleases me given my fondness for the first airliner I ever flew on.

AU0E4541.jpgEvening light is the best for getting a DHL jet since the yellow positively glows when the low sun gets on it.  I had a bit of traffic during this visit and these are the jets I saw.