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Caribbean Airlines – Didn’t Know You Existed!

Being close to the 737 production line means you see all sorts of airline markings on jets.  That includes seeing an airline you didn’t know anything about.  Caribbean Airlines had an upcoming delivery of a 737 Max 8 and it was out on test the day I took off.  Not the most dramatic livery but still not too bad.  The predecessors, Air Jamaica and BWIA were more colorful, though.  It taxied passed me as it headed out so I got shots of it taking off.  Later in the day it returned just as I was thinking it would be time to head home.  It arrived and then I left.  Quite a good end to the day.

Malta Max

I was running some errands in the Renton area one weekend so it seemed inappropriate to not pop to the airfield to see what the latest 737 customer aircraft were.  There were several jets scattered across the field with Malta markings on them.  None of them were very convenient to get a shot of but I managed to get some from the trail and some longer shots across the field from the park.  Quite a nice looking livery I think.  I have read that they are a Ryanair operation and these are Max 8-200s

The Max 737s Are On the Move

Boeing has been building and testing 737 Max jets throughout the grounding so having them flying is not a great surprise.  However, with the grounding order lifted by the FAA, things are moving into a higher gear.  United took delivery of a jet and American Airlines has indicated it will start service before the end of the year.  Two jets were up on the same day which leads me to think that they have already undergone the mod programs and are being tested prior to delivery to the airline.

Some New Max Jets

Boeing has now certificated the first of the new Max versions of the 737.  The Max8 has now entered service.  I first saw a Max at some distance across San Francisco Bay as I wrote about here.  I was passing Renton so I thought I would have a quick look at what was on the flightline.  A few of the new jets were mixed in with the current builds of the NG aircraft.  Customer jets were clearly awaiting delivery while a Max9 was also on the ramp.  The test program for the Max9 is at a far earlier stage although it will be a shorter program given the amount of testing already completed by the Max8.  A Max8 was close by and one awaiting delivery was behind the Max9.