Curtiss Jenny

wpid9248-AU0E9870.jpgWhen talking about vintage aircraft, I am frequently discussing aircraft that are from the Second World War era or later.  However, one of the residents of Schellville is a Curtiss Jenny.  This is a First World War aircraft and the example here is an original.  It doesn’t get to fly very often but I was lucky to be there on a day when it was planned to take it up for a couple of sorties.  We moved it out to fuel up and then took it onto the field to launch.  (It should be noted that pushing an aircraft around the field quickly makes you appreciate where the gradients are.  What looks like nothing when you are walking suddenly becomes conspicuous when pushing an aircraft – even a relatively light older one!)

wpid9246-AU0E9866.jpgWe crewed up the Jenny and got her ready for start.  Unfortunately, fortune was not on our side.  She fired up willingly enough but a quick check of the engine compartment after start revealed a fuel leak and we shut her down.  A trip back to the hangar to troubleshoot meant that there would be no flying that day.  Once back inside, a hose was found to be split and this was the source of the fuel.  Not the sort of thing you want to find out about while flying so the sound approach of everyone was justified.  Fixing the hose was easy so, hopefully the Jenny will be flying again soon.  Now to get some good weather and availability for everyone concerned!

wpid9250-AU0E9879.jpgI also had a little video of the start up which you can see below.

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