Grand Canyon

wpid9199-CRW_5888.jpgMy friend Jo Hunter recently blogged about her trip from Texas to Las Vegas and back.  She saw and did many interesting things en route so I would suggest you check it out at Futurshox.  Part of her trip took her to the Grand Canyon.  Nancy and I made a trip to the North Rim of the canyon quite a few years ago.  I decided to take another look at some of the pictures from that time.  One point of having pictures is so that you can go back and take another look to remember what you did in days gone by.

wpid9213-CRW_6091.jpgAnother thing if you are a photographer is to go back and see what you did with those pictures and whether anything you have learned since might give them a new lease on life.  One thing is the different processing tools that are available.  Another is your approach to using those tools.  Consequently, I had a look through a few of the shots and decided to give them a go.

wpid9209-CRW_6058.jpgIt is a little sad to see how many cameras I have been through since that trip.  These were taken with my first DSLR at a time when it was still relevant to use the term DSLR.  Nowadays, there are hardly any SLRs around that aren’t digital so perhaps we should just call them SLRs again.  Anyway, I digress.  Despite the lower resolution, the image quality from that old body is really not too shabby.  I had full page magazine images from that camera and they looked great.  It might have been a bit restricted in how far you could push it but it still worked well.

wpid9205-CRW_6003.jpgEnough blathering, here are the shots.  It has got me excited about that part of the world again.  I suppose a trip down there may be another thing to add to the list.  Of course, the list never gets shorter.  Always so many things to be done!

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