UPS’s New 747-8F Freighter

Boeing breathed a big, if perhaps temporary, sigh of relief when UPS signed up for a bunch of 747-8F freighters.  These jets are now starting to come off the line and, before they get allocated to the long runs across the oceans, I figured I would try and catch one at Everett.  Conditions were a little gloomier than I had hoped for but the timing was driven by luck, so I had to make do with what I could get.  The 747 may be disappearing from operators around the world but the freighters will continue for a long time and the 8F is the better of the most recent versions in my mind.  The extended upper deck of the 8I is a little too long for my tastes.  UPS colors are not bad either.  Hopefully I shall see more of them in service.

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