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Sands 747SPs

It’s always interesting to see what is at the Sands ramp at McCarran.  The flight of luxury jets for bringing in the high rollers to play at the casino is a mix of types.  Some “normal” Gulfstream, an A340-500 and the Boeing 747SP.  I was delighted to see that two SPs were parked up on the ramp the morning I was there.  Seeing them move was a bit much to ask but getting them in some lovely light immediately after sunrise was a good alternative.

Sands and Their Little Jets

AE7I7958.jpgThe casino business is obviously a bit of a money-spinner (well, for almost everyone who owns a casino!).  In Las Vegas, the casinos put a lot of effort in to keeping their big money players happy.  Sands has a fleet of aircraft that they use for moving these clients to and from their operations.  Big jets are a part of this.  They seem to focus on jets that can be customized nicely but aren’t terribly high on the acquisition cost scale.  The two that I was most interested in were the Boeing 747SP and the Airbus A340-500.  Both of these are cool looking jets as far as I am concerned and the Sands livery suits them well.  Sadly, I have not been around when either of them flew but I have seen some great shots of them airborne.