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More Time Lapse Sunset

I had a plan to meet up with my friend Joel to catch up recently.  We were looking for a place to meet and went with the Holiday Inn by the Merchandize Mart.  It has a bar that is a comfortable place to talk and has the added benefit of a great view over the city.  I wasn’t there to shoot anything but, knowing the view was good, I took along some gear just in case.

Joel and I chatted for ages and didn’t get around to taking pictures for a while.  As the sun was setting, the sky was getting very interesting and I finally had to apologize and grab the camera.  I got a few shots and then set it up by the window next to me to shoot a time lapse.

This required no input from me so we could continue to talk without interruption but it should provide something interesting to check out later.  However, I hadn’t planned as well as I hoped.  As the light dropped, the shutter speeds were getting perilously close to the delay between each shot as I had set the ISO a little lower than I thought.  Changing it is not a problem but I was using a lighter tripod which was not as well locked off as I thought.  I managed to move the head a little.  I corrected but knew the alignment would be off a bit.

Fortunately, while I couldn’t completely remove the effect, when I processed the time lapse using Lightroom and LRTimelapse, I was able to find the frames where the jump takes place, set them as keyframes, adjust the cropping of the second of those two frames to almost perfectly align and the resulting video is a lot better than it would have been.

Thanks Joel for a fun time.  It was good to catch up and I appreciate the stuff you gave me.  Here is the video that resulted!


This is a short piece and has absolutely nothing to do with photography – unless you consider going on a photo shoot as a reason to not keep to your other schedule items!  It is safe to say that the holidays did not fit in with my normal exercise schedule.  I have a pretty regular routine that I try to do each week but, having people to stay for the holidays and the distractions of food and drink meant everything went on hold.  Even the last chance before Christmas was sacrificed to a trip to Waukegan to shoot the Mustangs and Buckeye!

Anyway, the holidays are done, our friends have headed home and it is back to a normal routine.  That means back to the gym.  In the past I have felt crap after some time out from exercise and, after an odd experience, I have been better about knowing when I am reaching that point.  Consequently, today I went in with a limited plan.  However, nearly two weeks off combined with a lot of indulgence means even that plan was a stretch.  I did it but I did not fell particularly great.  However, I survived (otherwise you would not be reading this)!

Usually the next visit is significantly better.  I hope so!  I also need to get into the routine again since my annual check-up is coming and I don’t want the Christmas and New Year excess to be too obvious to my doctor!  Good luck to all of you in a similar boat to me.  To those that kept working out during the holidays, well done – I do hate you of course!

More Walking Around Chicago

The walk with my Mum also took in some spots I have been to before.  Never one to travel sans camera I ended up taking some new shots.  Whether they are better than ones taken before, I have yet to decide.

We stopped off in Union Station.  No trying to repeat the gun battle from The Untouchables for us.  Just a look around.  It is a very impressive hall and it would be nice to think that there would be some larger use for it but the commuters never come this way so it is a smattering of travelers that end up here – plus tourists and film buffs of course.

We then wandered up along the river and stopped off at the Holiday Inn.  Its location on the confluence of the north and south branches of the Chicago River gives it a great view of the city.  The clouds had started to roll in so it wasn’t at its best but still worth a look.