More Walking Around Chicago

The walk with my Mum also took in some spots I have been to before.  Never one to travel sans camera I ended up taking some new shots.  Whether they are better than ones taken before, I have yet to decide.

We stopped off in Union Station.  No trying to repeat the gun battle from The Untouchables for us.  Just a look around.  It is a very impressive hall and it would be nice to think that there would be some larger use for it but the commuters never come this way so it is a smattering of travelers that end up here – plus tourists and film buffs of course.

We then wandered up along the river and stopped off at the Holiday Inn.  Its location on the confluence of the north and south branches of the Chicago River gives it a great view of the city.  The clouds had started to roll in so it wasn’t at its best but still worth a look.

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