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Captain Cook Not Getting Respect

The waterfront of Victoria Harbour has a statue of Captain Cook.  This is a long way from his home town of Whitby but the lad did get about a bit.  Given the nature of his efforts, you might think he deserves a bit of respect (unless you come from a place that he ended up harming irreparably).  A local gull -or one of its cohorts – was clearly not from the respect camp.

Formation Work with Gull

Hayman and I were shooting at Anza Fisherman’s Park.  As the name suggests, this is a popular spot for fishing and this seems to attract the attention of a lot of gulls.  There was a steady breeze which allowed the gulls to hover close above us and sometimes alongside us.  We didn’t have anything of interest for them but it took them a while to work that out.

I got some shots of them as they hung around us.  The background of a few was disturbed a little by the fishing poles that were propped up but the long lens wide open managed to isolate them from most of the background.  They were a bit like photographing aircraft in formation but they didn’t necessarily respond to the directions I had for the shots I was after.  Not the best formation pilots for photo work I guess.

Gull Wing Mercedes

Here is one for those of you that know your vintage cars.  How much is a Gull Wing Mercedes worth?  This one is kept in the Lyon Air Museum in California.  It seems to be in great condition and I assume it is worth quite a bit but I have no idea how much.  It was tucked in amongst lots of valuable aircraft so is not the most expensive thing on display.  Since the planes are generally airworthy, I would guess this is a runner too.

Gulls During the Break

wpid5341-AU0E4009.jpgThe eagles and the ducks got our attention but the gulls were also around on the Mississippi.  Gulls don’t tend to get much interest but, if you have been standing around for a while waiting for something to happen, the gulls start to be a bit more interesting.  Is this the bird shooting equivalent of going ugly early?  They even did some diving for us close in so I guess I should be a bit more grateful.  We put it down to tracking practice and we will stick with that I think.wpid5339-AU0E3882.jpg