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Blossom in the Neighborhood

The walk around the block was one of the things were were allowed to do when shelter in place took effect.  This started at a good time for the local flora.  As we walked up the hill near the house, we could see across to the grounds of a large plot near the street.  They had a row of bushes that were all in flower providing a beautiful burst of color.  I was carrying the small M6 but took a sequence of shots to stitch together.  I also include a few other shots of the flowering we saw walking around.

Rose Garden

Point Defiance Park had a rose garden that seemed worth a visit.  Walking in to the garden I was immediately struck by the fragrance of the flowers.  Some roses are a lot more fragrant than others but, stick enough of them together and you are going to get a strong smell.  Roses are interesting in how many varieties that they come in.  Some look exactly like you might imagine a rose while others are very different in shape.

The garden was laid out around a central point with rows of blooms curving around the middle.  They were attracting human and insect visitors in large quantities.  Some blooms seemed to be quite persistent while others looked like they reached their peak before quickly wilting and being replaced by another bloom.

We had entered the garden from one side but on the other was a more structured entrance which took you through an arch covered in multiple blooms.  The concentration of flowers made it visually striking.  Also, having the light coming through from above meant that the flowers were backlit which made for a nice look and a filtered color of light inside the tunnel.  Hardly a person passed without taking their own photo.

Tulip Festival

The Skagit Valley sits about an hour north of Seattle and is home to a lot of tulip farms.  The spring is the time for the tulip festival.  Unfortunately, the beginning of the festival was not a great time for us to get up there with other things going on.  However, as things calmed down for us, we were able to get up there towards the end of things.  We may have missed the peak time but there was still some impressive stuff to see (and hopefully quite a few less people!).

The fields were absolutely full of tulips.  They filled your field of view and you quickly became blasé about the vibrance of color around you.  Finding a way to try and convey the sight was a little trickier.  The thing I did find particularly visually appealing was the way that people would be walking along the paths between the flowers but appear to be afloat in a sea of flowers.  They were all busy photographing themselves in amongst the tulips so were not aware that they were the subject of more than one photo.

Floral Fun

This one isn’t a complicated post.  It is just some flowers really!  We had visitors for the weekend and were out wandering around the city.  The sun was out and so were plenty of flowers.  I don’t claim these flowers sprouted perfectly for me.  Usually someone has brought them in and transplanted them into the planters to make the place always look good.  However, some of them were actually growing where we saw them.

Anyway, I am not really a flower shooter but I was pleased to see them and thought I would grab a few shots.  No-one is going to be gasping over their brilliance but who cares?  They were pretty and the sun was out so what is there to worry about?

Fantastic Flora

While the scenery on Kauai is dramatic and interesting, the plant life there is quite something too.  Since I am not well traveled enough to see what other Pacific locations have to offer, I have no idea whether all of these things are unique to the Hawaiian chain or even Kauai with one exception.  Our visit to the one of several botanical gardens on the island did explain how one plant was native to the islands and rather rare.

I can’t remember the name of the plants off hand but it looks like a baseball bat with a cabbage on the top.  Not a graceful description I know but if you look at it below, I think you will agree it is a fair one.

Some of the plants are just colorful, others seem to have interesting structures.  Probably some effort to get to good sources of water make for the interesting shapes.  To be honest, I don’t care too much.  I am just interested in seeing them.

Not all of them were so unusual.  I include below a picture of a tree down on a beach.  The ground underneath it has gradually eroded away but this doesn’t seem to have bothered to tree one bit.  It now just stands a little above everything around it.

Here are a couple of other shots to finish off what we saw.