Fantastic Flora

While the scenery on Kauai is dramatic and interesting, the plant life there is quite something too.  Since I am not well traveled enough to see what other Pacific locations have to offer, I have no idea whether all of these things are unique to the Hawaiian chain or even Kauai with one exception.  Our visit to the one of several botanical gardens on the island did explain how one plant was native to the islands and rather rare.

I can’t remember the name of the plants off hand but it looks like a baseball bat with a cabbage on the top.  Not a graceful description I know but if you look at it below, I think you will agree it is a fair one.

Some of the plants are just colorful, others seem to have interesting structures.  Probably some effort to get to good sources of water make for the interesting shapes.  To be honest, I don’t care too much.  I am just interested in seeing them.

Not all of them were so unusual.  I include below a picture of a tree down on a beach.  The ground underneath it has gradually eroded away but this doesn’t seem to have bothered to tree one bit.  It now just stands a little above everything around it.

Here are a couple of other shots to finish off what we saw.

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