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Chasing the Ball

Beaches are great places for dogs.  Plenty of space to run and then there is the water to play in if they like.  As we were walking along Long Beach in Tofino. One guy was throwing a ball for his dog to chase and fetch.  The dog was having a fantastic time roaring around the beach after the ball.  The guy seemed to be happy too but I think I was almost as happy as the dog watching it having such a good time.  A couple of times it came towards me and I wanted the guy to throw the ball my way more often to get some shots but I think he was throwing it away from me to avoid inconveniencing me.  I should have said not to worry.

Warthogs – Not the Flying Version

Given that this blog has a lot of aviation content, some people will get excited when they see the word Warthog.  Sorry guys, this is not an A-10 post.  I may have to put one together now though since I want to see some A-10s on here too.  This is a warthog of the animal variety instead.  There were a couple of warthogs we saw at Woodland Park Zoo.  Initially they were rummaging around under cover and not in a good spot for a photo.  However, a little patience paid off and soon they moved out into the open.  Then we got a good look at them and the chance to really see their faces.  They may not be everyone’s favorite but I find them a great looking creature and certainly something you want to treat with some respect!


Bears are cool and brown bears are even cooler.  We saw a couple of them at Woodland Park Zoo and, while it was the middle of the day, they were actually pretty active.  It didn’t hurt that some food was coming their way so I guess they were incentivized to be a little busy.  It was a warm and sunny day so the fact they had some water to work with probably suited them quite nicely.  Lots of zoo animals are somehow aware of where they can go to be as difficult to see as possible.  These guys were either unaware or just showoffs.

They wandered around the enclosure quite a bit and provided plenty of opportunities to see them.  Aside from the outdoor area, there was an indoor viewing space that was against the side of their pool.  From within there you could really get a good view of them chomping down on the food that had been thrown their way.  They seemed quite content to enjoy the nosh and pay no attention to the hordes staring at them through the glass.  Being so close to such a large creature was really very impressive.

The Alpha Wolf Even Looks Like He’s the Boss

The small pack of wolves at Cougar Mountain Zoo were quite something to watch.  They had a variety of territories in their enclosure and they moved between them frequently.  They did patrol the area near the visitors to keep tabs on what was going on.  There was a very distinct hierarchy in the pack.  The alpha male was very obvious.  A number of them seemed to be at a secondary level and one seemed to be the most passive in the group, often staying away from rest.  He didn’t seem to have any problems but did not get in the way of the others.

The alpha was a great looking wolf.  When compared to the others, there was even something about the face that made you know he was in charge.  He had a look that suggested he was constantly assessing things.  It is easy to project human emotions on to animals but something about this guy made you think that he didn’t have time for the fun stuff and he was always on guard.  He looked great.

Cougar Mountain Zoo

Cougar Mountain Zoo is a small zoo located on the east side of Lake Washington in an area named, wait for it, Cougar Mountain.  While it is not a big facility, it does have an interesting variety of creatures in nice habitats and we ended up spending a lot more time there than we thought would be the case.  I shall have a variety of creatures to share in some upcoming posts but, given the name of the location and the zoo, it would be churlish to start with any other than the cougars.

They have an enclosure that is one of the first things you come across when you enter.  However, they are not always terribly keen on showing off.  When we first got there, one of them was lying deep within a small cave and didn’t seem interested in coming out.  However, over time they did stretch their legs and come to check things out.  Two things really got their attention.  One was they knew some feeding was coming soon so they were alert for where the food would ultimately be coming from.  The other was some small children that ran around.  The cats were eying the kids intently.  I assume, if the fencing hadn’t been there, some tasty snacks would have been had by these guys.

Big cats do looks very cool I think.  When they are taking it easy, they still look like they are in control and when they get active, you do feel that they could take care of anything that comes their way.  The cougar has an intense looking face too.  More to come from this place in some upcoming posts.

Alpaca Farming

AE7I9701.jpgSan Juan Island is home to some varied creatures.  I swear that, as we drove down one road, we went past a camel.  We also saw an alpaca farm.  There was a shop that sold all sorts of alpaca related stuff.  Plenty of yarn (which was pretty pricey) and various alpaca gifts were available.  I wasn’t too keen on any of this, though.  Outside, you could take a walk around and see the animals themselves.

AE7I9693.jpgThere were many fields with the alpacas in them.  They were well spread out and didn’t seem terribly bothered by the presence of the visitors (of which there were plenty considering how quiet things were generally).  They came in a variety of colors.  Food seemed to be their primary concern but occasionally they would look around to see what we were doing.  Mostly, though, they were more bothered about each other than us.

AE7I9698.jpg AE7I9681.jpg