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Air China A330

Boring paint schemes are far too common these days on airliners.  The all white plane with just a hint of color is a little too much of a feature of things these days.  A few airlines break the mold but not enough.  One of the boring ones is Air China.  They are not at all interesting for most of their fleet.  However, some of their Airbus A330s are painted in a livery that is a bit more interesting.  Sadly, I had never seen one.  They fly in to San Jose but almost always they bring a jet in plain white.  However, they changed it on a day when we were going to San Jose for some shopping so I added a small diversion.

This scheme is not the most dramatic and shooting it in the middle of the day is not going to emphasize it in the best way but I wasn’t going to miss the chance.  San Jose provides a great location for getting close to the jets.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one interested in it coming.  A few people showed up just before arrival and left straight afterwards.  I just wish more airlines would adopt interesting colors.  The planes are not very varied so the liveries are all that is left to mix it up.