Sunset Into Midway

wpid7437-AU0E0348.jpgSouthwest Airlines and I are quite well acquainted.  I am on one of their 737s on a rather regular basis.  These days I am making the trip back and forth to the west coast a lot.  Coming back from there usually means me arriving back into Chicago towards the end of the day.  At this time of year, that can be around the time of sunset.  I tend to sit on the side of the plane that gives you a nice view of the sunset as we are getting close to home.

wpid7439-AU0E0368.jpgI don’t always have my camera with me (although I always have the camera in my phone) and the combination of light and clouds is not always ideal.  However, sometimes it just seems to work and give me something I am happy to remember.  These images aren’t something that is ever going to be a big deal to anyone else but they are nice for me.  No-one is going to want a wing and engine in the way either!  Since you can’t change position, the view is a variation on the same theme all the time.  That isn’t the point.  I just have to remember to look backwards sometimes to see what is going on.


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