Cormorants – Not the Helicopter Version Though…

wpid7420-C59F2190.jpgWhile I would not describe myself as a bird guy, I do spend a fair bit of time trying to get photos of them.  I guess it is the “all things flying” part of my nature but they do make challenging subjects and also help with panning practice when I don’t have planes to shoot.  A species I have a particular fondness for is the cormorant.  I really don’t know why this should be.  Growing up by the sea I certainly saw plenty of them and their enthusiasm for bombing along at surface level over the water does fascinate me.

wpid7422-C59F2198.jpgCormorants in the US seem to be a lot happier to fly higher up than I remember in the UK.  While I was at Waukegan visiting the Warbird heritage Foundation, a pair of them blasted across the airfield.  I quickly tried to grab some shots as they flew over.  Nothing too special but something that pleased me all the same.

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