More Cormorants and Swallows

wpid7512-AU0E8691.jpgHaving recently posted about both cormorants and swallows, it would appear a little repetitive to post about both together.  Oh well, that isn’t going to stop me.  While in Indiana for the powerboat racing, I was sitting on the harbor wall for a while.  This was a popular place for the local bird life too.  We had a cormorant swimming nearby and I couldn’t resist a shot of him (or her – I am not a specialist on these things).

wpid7514-AU0E8742.jpgAlso, the local swallows seemed to be enjoying the air currents over the waves.  When watching them, they seemed to spend a lot of time almost in one spot as they soared on the wind.  Of course, trying to get a long lens on them was less straightforward and suddenly it was apparent just how much they were moving.  Still, got a few shots off.  It certainly provided some practice time between the races!


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