C59F7986-Edit.jpgI’m not sure when I first became aware of the PBY Catalina but I am pretty sure it involved a plastic model that a friend of mine had.  (Kev Fry, was it you?)  Flying boats always appealed to me and the blisters on the rear fuselage caught my eye even at that time.  Erickson has a PBY in the collection and it was going to feature in our program.  However, my first encounter with it was as it was parked up on the ramp outside the hangar.

C59F7965.jpgI was walking around in the early evening light and the paint scheme seemed to glow in the low sun.  It is a big beast so there are lots of options as you walk around it.  Whatever shot you want to get, you do want something that emphasizes the hull shape since that is one of the defining characteristics of the plane.  Sometimes, getting in really close can achieve that.

C59F7981.jpgYou do want to check out multiple angles, though.  Whether it is the nose shape, the wheels and wheelwells or the rear blisters, there is something from any direction worthy of a look.  Whether they will all be great shots is a different story.  However, having the chance to shoot one when hardly anyone is around is a chance not to be passed on.

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