Juggling the Pegasuses

While the UPS freighter had enticed me to Everett, I was interested to see that Boeing was busy moving KC-46s around.  They have a hangar at the south end of the field where they work on the Pegasus aircraft and they were taking on out of the hangar.  To do this, they needed to move a bunch of them out of the way so they had a juggling act underway putting different planes in odd locations while they all were moved.  They stuck a row of them down by the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum.

The plane came out of the hangar and was rolled off to park.  Then, one that had been sitting outside for a while was moved back inside.  I wasn’t going to hang around to see if they moved them all back that evening but I did go across to the museum side to see them parked in this odd location before leaving.  At this time the Air Force had halted deliveries due to loose items in the received airframes so I guess the chance of more airframes stacking up was back on the cards.

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