Horizon schemes

wpid6793-AU0E0898.jpgSeattle is a busy airport with plenty of operators coming through.  However, the home airline is Alaska and their regional affiliate is Horizon.  Consequently, both of them are very busy.  Horizon operates a fleet of Bombardier Q400s.  They used to have some CRJs too but these have been moved to another operator and now they are dedicated to the turboprops.

wpid6795-AU0E1793.jpgThey do seem to have really gone to town in applying special liveries to some of their aircraft.  These are focused on a lot of the local colleges and universities.  They do paint up a lot of planes in school colors!  While I was there, I got a surprising number of them passing by.  Here are a few samples of the different schemes they have (along with one normal one just to show that they aren’t all specials).

wpid6791-AU0E0861.jpg wpid6797-AU0E1910.jpg wpid6799-AU0E2719.jpg

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