C59F1748.jpgChino Airport is home to all sorts of interesting aircraft, many of which are unlikely to ever fly again but for which the dry environment is one that means they do not deteriorate quickly. The ramp has a collection of single and two seat Saab J-35 Drakens. The Draken is a cracking aircraft and one I sued to see fly a lot in Europe when I was young. I have also seen one flying around at Pt Mugu on a Navy contract.

C59F1752.jpgI am not sure how these jets arrived here but the appear to be Danish in origin.  Most have their wings removed and stacked at one side.  One does have them attached though.  There are single and two seaters and they all have recce noses.  I doubt we shall see them fly again but it is nice to think that you might.

C59F1750.jpg C59F1746.jpg


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