Decaying PV-2 and DC-3

wpid8428-C59F1005-Edit.jpgWhile Schellville has a great collection of vintage aircraft in operation, it also has a couple of large airframes that do not look like they are going anywhere in a hurry.  Parked near the runway are a DC-3 and the PV-2 Harpoon.  The DC-3 is a rare sub-type….

wpid8376-C59F0464.jpgThe PV-2 has apparently spent some time as a spraying aircraft and it has some Arizona logos on it from a previous existence.  It doesn’t have any doors on the bomb bay so I am assuming that these were removed as part of whatever conversion was done for the spraying role although that is just a guess.  Both of them are sitting out on the earth and, with the low sun angles you get at this time of year, they look particularly interesting.

wpid8380-C59F0468.jpgWe grabbed some shots of them both while keeping an eye out for any other interesting movements that the field would bring.

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